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Krav maga is directly translated from Hebrew as “Contact combat”. It is a self-defence system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in the late 1930s, in order to give Jewish people a tool to defend themselves from the Nazi. He combined different elements from a range of martial arts, based on their practicability and simplicity for an average person to learn to defend themselves. This is how krav maga emerged.


Since then, krav maga has undergone many changes, with new branches and schools emerging. It is widely considered the most effective self-defence system in the world. Our academy is affiliated with Israeli training organisation “Protect” founded and led by an Israeli counter-terrorism expert Itay Gil. Itay Gil has 27 years of combined battlefield experience in Israeli Special Forces and elite counter-terrorism organisation “Yamam”. The krav maga we teach was tested in real modern combat against trained opponents and proved its effectiveness. You can learn more about “Protect: Israeli security solutions” on the website


Krav maga is the core of our self-defence training, and we complement it with other disciplines. For example, krav maga teaches to identify objects that can be used as weapons in self-defence, but does not really teach how to use these weapons. We teach use of weapons in our fortnightly weapons class, based mainly on Philippine fighting system kali. Krav Maga offers limited solutions for ground defence, which we cover in our fortnightly ground defence class, based primarily on Brasilian jiu-jitsu. We also complement our training with elements of boxing and kickboxing, taekwondo, hapkido, wing chun and edged weapon response.


We are registered with Martial Arts Australia, a member of International Martial Arts Alliance.

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