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Prior to joining, every prospective student has to take one week trial to familiarise themselves with the training, group, instructor and premises and decide if this training is right for them and whether they want to commit to it. The cost of the trial week (3 classes for adults and 2 classes for children) is $30 for adults and free for children. If you are interested in joining, we will discuss the cost with you during your trial week, as it will depend on your commitment/availability, duration, form of payment, etc. Options include 12- and 6-months contracts, month by month payment and casual attendance.


It is our policy to not discuss costs of ongoing training prior to a trial week. Krav Maga training is different between providers, they represent different schools, different levels of qualifications, different curriculums. It is not a physical item where you can compare cost between shops and choose your best bargain. Come do your trial, then you can put a price tag on the training and decide whether it’s worth it for you. Doing a trial week does not imply any commitment to further training. Our classes are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive martial arts training in Perth.

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