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About Us

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"Defensive Kombat" is a Perth-based self-defence and tactical mix martial arts academy operating since early 2011. Our main focus is in teaching Krav Maga, which is broadly recognised as the most effective self-defence system in the world. We complement it with elements of boxing and kickboxing, kali, wing chun, Brazilian jiu jitsu, taekwondo and weapons training. We are conveniently located in Bayswater/Morley, with plenty of free parking available for students. We offer adult and children's group classes, personal training and corporate training.



Our philosophy is, everyone may find themselves in the situation when they need to defend themselves. For this simple reason, we are keeping our training as inclusive as possible. Our training is not aimed at winning competitions and tournaments, but at saving yourself in the event of an assault. As a side benefit, you will become a lot more fit than you are now!


Our students come from all walks of life: police, ambulance officers, firefighters, security, corrections, navy, pilots, engineers, doctors, social workers, FIFO, tradies, hospitality workers, school and university students, etc., etc. They include males and females, aged from 15 to 55+ years old. Many students join without previous martial arts experience and with average level of fitness - all that is important is commitment and persistence.



We believe in utmost value of human life and health. We are committed to protecting them by giving individuals skills and confidence to defend themselves. We are offering choice to anyone faced with violence and confrontation - choice to not be a victim. We stick to the following values in our training:


• DISCIPLINE - a behaviour development maintained through rigorous physical and mental training;

• COURTESY - a respectful act in manners/ acknowledgement to others and more so to your seniors;


• INTEGRITY - a sense of wholeness, having a true life by adhering to one’s principle no matter what;


• PERSEVERANCE - maintaining one’s path and goals even in the face of difficulty, hard times and adversity;

• SELF CONTROL - the act of remaining mentally and physically calm… under any form of physical stress;

• INDOMITABLE SPIRIT - the will to not give up, the inner spirit of one who refuses to be dominated or defeated.



Prior to joining, every prospective student has to take one week trial to familiarise themselves with the training, group, instructor and premises and decide if this training is right for them and whether they want to commit to it.


The cost of the trial week (3 classes for adult and 2 classes for children) is $30 for adults and free for children. If you are interested in joining, we will discuss the cost with you during your trial week, as it will depend on your commitment/availability, duration, form of payment, etc.


We will do our best to assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution for your specific circumstances. We also have training fee options for FIFO and shift workers.

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